Annotated Bibliography of Articles Related to Conflict Management

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Annotated Bibliography

Alper, S., Tjosvold, D., & Law, K. S. (2000). Conflict management, efficacy, and performance in organizational teams. Personnel Psychology, 53(3), 625-642. This study looked at the management of conflict and linked it empirically with organizational team and efficacy research. There were sixty-one teams with nearly 500 employees studied, all belonging to a leading manufacturer of electronic products. A structural equation analysis was used to show that a cooperative approach to conflict is more effective than a competitive approach to same. Making use of autonomy can also make a person or a team more productive.
Ayoko, O. B., Konrad, A. M., & Boyle, M. V. (2012). Online work: Managing conflict and emotions for performance in virtual teams. European Management Journal, 30(2), 156. Having a virtual team complicates the conflict issue, because individuals are not face to face. Meanings and explanations can easily become muddled or lost in translation. Forty-five university students were recruited for the study, which was qualitative. The erbatim transcripts of the participants' interactions were examined to determine what triggers conflict and what can be used to help prevent it from occurring.
Behfar, K. J., Peterson, R. S., Mannix, E. A., & Trochim, W. M. K. (2008). The critical role of conflict resolution in teams: A close look at the links between conflict type, conflict management strategies, and team outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology,
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