Annotated Bibliography of Articles Related to Media Literacy

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Boske, C., and McCormack, S. (2011). Building an understanding of the role of media literacy for Latino/a high school students. High School Journal 94(4), pp. 167-186. In a qualitative study of a small group of Latino/a high school students, the researchers found that students perceived negative cultural messages in media they were asked to watch. The messages were not obvious to the teachers who selected the media and who were not part of this ethnic group. The study serves as a cautionary tale for teachers when selecting media for their classrooms and suggests strategies for making more mindful choices. According to the Center for Media Literacy, there are three core concepts to critically examine construction/selection of media: "Different people experience the same media message differently; media have embedded values and points of view; [and] most media messages are organized to gain profit and/or power" (Boske and McCormack, 2011, p. 168). Considine, D., Horton, J., and Moorman, G. (2009). Teaching and reading the millennial generation through media literacy. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 52(6), pp. 471-481. Technology has transformed the way people produce, disseminate, and receive information. As the authors explain, the new technology also challenges our definition of what it means to be literate. Whereas text was once available only as a print medium, the concept of text has evolved to include the Internet, film and television. Children who

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