Annotated Bibliography of Articles Related to Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants

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McGrath, J. (2004). State of the science: Feeding readiness in the preterm infant. Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing, 18(4), 353-368. This article talks about the readiness of feeding in preterm infants and how families can be prepared for early discharge of these infants from hospitals if proper cue based feeding is done. Puckett, B., Grover, V., Sankaran, K., & Holt, T. (2008). Cue-based feeding for preterm infants: a prospective trial. 25(10 ), 623-628. This article investigates on whether cue based feeding helps in the early discharge of preterm babies and how it is beneficial and helps in weight gain in relation to traditional feeding regimens. King, J., Alder, S., & Kirk, A. (2007). Cue-based oral feeding clinical pathway results in earlier attainment of full oral feeding in premature infants. Journal of Perinatology, 572-578. This article is a study on the development of oral feeding in preterm infants and concludes that a benefit of cue based feeding is that it helps attain full oral feeding in pre mature babies. Thoyre, S., Shaker, C., & Pridham, K. (2005). The early feeding skills assessment for preterm infants. Neonatal Network, 24(3), 7-16. This article describes the measurement of feeding skills of pre terms and how cue based feeding facilitates oral feeding skill development. McCain, G. (2005). Behavioural responses of preterm infants to a standard-care and semi- Demand feeding protocol. This article deals with the benefits of cue

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