Annotated Bibliography of Articles on Media Literacy

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Media Literacy Annotated Bibliography: Donnelly, K. (2011). 5 Great Media Literacy Programs and How Assess Their Impact. The text by Donnelly (2011) provides our research with a delineation of several new and progressive avenues for media literacy training in an educational context. Here, Donnelly outlines a number of programs being sponsored by an array of respected media or cultural entities. With partners such as PBS, the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Common Sense Media, the array of media literacy programs identified here provide our research with a number of tangible avenues down which to explore opportunities for students to gain a better foothold in using this variant of media. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2003). Media Literacy. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. The source provided by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation is perhaps the most exhaustive of basic references. Offering a direct discussion on both the meaning of media literacy and the implications of developing for failing to develop the skills attendant thereto, this source is fairly comprehensive for the purposes of the present research endeavor. In addition, this source also offers an objective discussion of the competing opinions of the subject of media literacy education. Because so much of the content which drives this area of education is derived from popular culture, many traditional educators perceive its value as academically
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