Annotated Bibliography of Articles on Service Learning

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Service Learning Annotated Bibliography American Association of Community Colleges. (2011). Service Learning. HYPERLINK "" The source offered by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) details the growing emphasis on service learning in higher-education contexts. Particularly, the source offers a number of statistical figures indicating that 60% of all community colleges offer some comprehensive form of service-learning curriculum. This denotes to our research that community colleges and higher education in general are contexts in which service learning is increasingly seen as a progressive and valuable mode of instruction. Ayers, J. (2003). Service-Learning in Maryland. Maryland State Department of Education. Ayers (2003) provides the present research endeavor with a concise guide for educators on how to design and implement a service-learning curriculum. The article offers some basic steps on how to approach this instructional strategy and links to a number of documents that can be used in support of this endeavor. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. (2011). Service-Learning. This source underscores the sheer diversity of areas in which service-learning can be manifested as a constructive and innovative strategy for learning. The Community-Campus Partnership for Health (2011) indicates that service-learning is particularly valuable in the fields of healthcare and public
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