Annotated Bibliography of Articles on the Development of Linux

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Annotated Bibliography Development of Linux. (2012, Apr 21). Retrieved from Operating System: The Linux operating system was started by Linus (Benedict) Torvalds in 1986. He got the idea from the MINIX, which was developed as a learning system. MINIX was an open source system. In the process, he developed more and more functions, making it an operating system with a kernel. He made the source code available for other programmers to give feedback and eventually created a community for the ongoing development of Linux. Linux is now a free development and distribution that only integrates features that users will use in installation-able software packages. Developers of Linux have used the system core, the kernel, to develop a range of software packages for a wide variety of devices. This is useful to tell about the Linux operating systems' history and how they were implemented in a way they became useful to the market place and business. Haas, J. (2012, Apr 23). Parted Magic 2012_04_21. Retrieved from Parted Magic is a disk partition that has been updated, fixing previous issues. It can be loaded to a CD, USB drive, or the computer RAM. It can change, or resize, the partitions on the computer hard drive. New computers are set up with one single partition and Parted Magic can resize and create more partitions to

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