Annotated Bibliography on Deportations

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Deportations: An Annotated Bibliography

Fitz, Marshall. “The Cost of Mass Deportation.” Center for American Progress. N.p., 19 Mar. 2010. Web. 24 Feb. 2014.
In the article "The Cost of Mass Deportation", the author talks about the negative impact that deportation can cause this country. The issue of illegal immigration has been an active debate in congress for the last few years. During the presidency of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the enforcement of deportation has increased. The author mentioned three options that are in congress’ debate and promise to restore the immigration system. The first is to invest billions of dollars into immigration enforcement, which could reduce the quantity of illegal immigrants in the U.S. This option is very unrealistic because this alternative would not affect the number of immigrants substantially. Instead, it would make people live under the shadows subject to exploitation without rights and opportunities. The second alternative is mass deportation, which could trigger the economy and bring a lot of consequences. Mass deportation can have a cost of approximately $285 billion dollars in about five years. The previous alternative leaves the third option as the most rational alternative. This option would permit to combine the application of the law, and at the same time, promote economic growth as well as protection for all workers. In other words, an immigration reform may be beneficial for both parties because this
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