Annotated Bibliography on Effective Behavioral Intervention

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Bibliography Killu, K. (2008). Developing Effective Behavior Intervention Plans: Suggestions for School Personnel. Intervention In School & Clinic, 43(3), 140-149. The author, a professor of special education, is an expert in the areas of behavior disorders, the assessment and treatment of behavioral disorders and interventions for behavioral disorders. This article provides an objective and useful discussion regarding the relationship between Behavior Intervention Plans and the issues that must be address by school staff when developing and monitoring them. The author also provides readers with specific areas which must be address when developing Behavior Intervention Plans. The information provided may be useful for teachers and school staff. Hansford, Amy, et al. (2010). Practical Issues in Effective Behavioral Intervention Development. The Behavior Analyst Today. 11.1 : 59. This report detailing issues in behavior intervention first reviews information regarding the use of functional behavior assessments and then explains intervention strategies which may be effective in dealing with behavior issues in schools. In addition, issues that impede treatment are discussed. This source appears to be objectively written with the goal to inform the reader of functional behavior assessments, treatment for problem behavior and issues which may cause treatment to fail. This source may be useful when researching Behavior Intervention Plans because team members and
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