Annotated Bibliography on Mosquite-Borne Diseases

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Annotated Bibliography
Hunter, A., Denman-Vitale, S., Garzon, L., Allen, P. J., & Schumann, L. (2007). Global infections: recognition, management, and prevention. The Nurse Practitioner, 32 (2), 34-41. The authors discuss many known infections from all over the world including Malaria and West Nile. They mentioned the differences between these mosquito-borne diseases such as who the primary victims that it affect, which time of day these mosquitoes come out to attack, which season it will most likely occur and many more. Also, the ways in which these diseases can be managed and prevented is present in the reading. This article provides phenomenal information and evidence that really contrast the two deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes.
Iwamoto, M., Jernigan, D. B., Guasch, A., Trepka, M. J., Blackmore, C. G., Hellinger, W. C., . . . Petersen, L. R. (2003). Transmission of west nile virus from an organ donor to four transplant recipients. The New England Journal of Medicine, 348 (22), 2196-2203. Medical professionals conducted an investigation to prove that four recipients obtained the West Nile virus through organ transplants from the same donor who also received various blood donations from donors with viremia. The donor`s organs was diligently examined and no visible problems were found until the recipients developed flu-like symptoms in which was

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