Annotated Bibliography on Treatment Approaches for Chilren with Autism

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Annotated Bibliography

Siegel, B. (2003). Helping children with autism learn Treatment approaches for parents and professionals (Sec, 2002). Autism and the Risk on Using Alternative Medicine without Medical Supervision
In this book, “Helping children with autism learn: Treatment approaches for parents and professionals” Siegel gives parents of autistic children what they need most: hope. Siegel explains that how to take an inventory of a child particular disabilities that break down the various kinds unique to autism. Many other signs and symptoms are also seen in a child suffering from autism are atypical eating, lack of intuition and less attention to social stimuli. This book has been a great help in the research as it explains about the key understanding of each autism case as a discrete set of learning disabilities, each of which must be treated individually. This book is relevant to my research as it has important documentation and papers about the conference. It provides a detailed account of the issues, at the same time, Siegel offer a new understanding and a practical, thoughtful approach that will give parents a new hope.

Millward, C., Ferriter, M., Calver, S., & Connell-Jones, G. (2008). Gluten-and casein-free diets for autistic spectrum disorder This research paper explains the efficiency of casein free details as an intervention to improve behavior, social functioning and cognitive to individuals with autism. This has been a relevant research which
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