Annotated Bibliography on Wellness Programs Essay

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Reference (in APA format) purpose participants setting outcome variable(s) intervention or procedure results implication for teachers
Holland, A., Treasure, J., Coskeran, P., & Dallow, J. (1995). Characteristics of the eating disorder in Prader-Willi syndrome: implications for treatment. Journal Of Intellectual Disability Research, 39(5), 373-381. The purpose of this article is to inform people on the characteristics of eating disorders associated with PWS and possible treatments. 13 subjects with Prader- Willi Syndrome with an average age of 24. Direct Observation during access to food. Settings varied but study was conducted over 28 days. 8 of the 13 participants had their food strictly restricted. They were given an hour to eat and the different restriction levels were measured. Some of the participants required restraint for their eating behaviors. Only three of the 13 required firm direction. Some required "total control" and therefore their eating was strictly restricted and determined by a caretaker. Those who did not require the severe restrictions had a higher body mass index indicating they may eat less but more often and therefore consume the same amount of calories as the participants who required restraint and severe restrictions. The implication that teachers may take from this article include: strict and firm direction is needed for students with Prader- Willi syndrome in order to ensure their eating disorder does not become a problem. Also, restricted…