Annotated Bibliography on the Conspiracy of 9/11 Essay

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Jones, Geronimo. Evidence of Controlled Demolition. Published on April 23rd, 2004, <>. In this article, one of the main issues is that the tower’s structural engineer, Lee Robertson, addressed the problem of terrorism in the plans for the building, claiming he “designed it for a (Boeing) 707 to hit it”. In the center of the tower there is a central support core. This core is built of sheer concrete reinforced by 44 beams of construction grade steel, which were sealed in asbestos. When the plane hit the north tower it took a direct hit to the core, but the plane that hit the south tower went in on an angle, almost parallel to the core structure. The fuel barley grazes the core of the south tower, with most…show more content…
They found little to no evidence that an airline impacted the pentagon. How does a plane, which is 124 feet wide, and 44 feet high at its tail section, fit into such a small hole at the Pentagon (16 feet) and leave no signs of wreckage on the lawn? This article got me thinking about the wreckage and how there is no evidence from such a large plane. That is a good sign of a missile, like bishop Williamson said in his talk. There were two cable spools in front of the burning hole and they weren’t moved or blown backwards which shows evidence that there was no 757. 2006. In Loose Change part 2, flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. At the crash site there is no evidence of flight 93 just a little crater that shows that the plane pould of had to hit the ground at a vertical dive. Before the crash there were three out of many eyewitnesses who were talked to. Susan Mcelwain, said she saw a white plane flew over her and her van, she said it was about 40 ft. above her and she didn’t here a noise. She said it looked like a military plane, as she watched it fly behind tree’s and heard an explosion she thought it crashed, until the FBI told her there was no other plane around there, only flight 93. Then later the FBI changed there story and said it was taking pictures of the crash site. Tom Spinelli and Lee Perba said they had also
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