Annotated Biography on Childhood Obesity

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The new generation continues to increasingly fall under obesity’s evil spell. Although many Americans recognize that their children are obese, they fail to accept that this is an epidemic that should be controlled and given dramatic attention to. Research suggests that childhood obesity in the United States has doubled in the past decade. Despite the fact that we have necessary resources to control these statistics, Americans continue to expose their youngsters to unhealthy and fattening meals. It is no joke that America is the fattest nation in the world. Thus, preventing this serious issue should be perceived as a life-or-death situation where if we fail to control it, many more overweight children will grow up to be obese adults in the future. Obesity usually rises at early age; this positions children to encounter detrimental health problems later in life. The annotated sources validate that obesity is linked with serious health problems, both medical and emotional. Frankly, it is crucial that parents and adolescents are kept up-to-date with the information outlined throughout this argument. About ten years ago children would ride their bikes around the neighborhood, engage in sports, and play tag; when they got home, a nutritious meal would be waiting for them on the dinner table. Where did all this vanish to? Should parents be blamed for allowing their kids to become coach potatoes? There are several theorized solutions to control the number of overweight children in

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