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To conclude, the idea of teaching writing with CALL definitely offers much in the way of learning value. Particularly the concept of giving feedback to a learner in a variety of approaches gives more potential for learning than previously ever predicted. The many different forms of feedback discussed in this assignment isolate different learning methods and responses from a student. There are two studies that look specifically into how effective online learning environments are and both indicated that automated feedback adds significance to student writing, although students do not appear to enjoy the process as much as being in a classroom. These studies identify two important points, that learning how to write should be engaging and that other real people tend to make it more so. Of these two studies, one was a huge data sample and one was…show more content…
It was found that embedded audio feedback is not as preferred by the students as written feedback, even though it offered much more detail to the specific feedback being given. This was probably to do with the technology but if students were asynchronously checking their writing, it needs to be simple and attractive for them to enjoy doing it. With written feedback, the information is present in front of the student to quickly adapt their writing. In regards to synchronous and asynchronous feedback from a teacher, synchronous was preferred whilst writing, although asynchronous does have its place. Students struggled to determine the learning value if they were not correcting their work as they wrote and returning to fix it later made the work more tiresome. Additionally, peer feedback was less preferred than teacher feedback in online settings. This is probably because peer feedback is not always trustworthy and often peers do not know how to correct what needs
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