Annotated Feedback On Student Perceptions

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Student Perceptions. Students provided a mix of positive and negative responses to the open-ended question regarding perceptions of the type of feedback received with more positive comments regarding annotated feedback. Positive comments regarding the benefits of annotated feedback included that “Coach’s Eye was very helpful to actually visualize what your body is doing instead of trying to guess”. A number of students had similar comments on the annotated feedback “really helped me to understand what I needed to improve and what I did well”, “I liked being able to see the angles of my arms and spine”, and “I could see what areas I was not doing correctly and what changes needed to be made”. The addition of the annotated lines and…show more content…
The mean score for the traditional group was 92.07 while the mean score for the annotated group was a full point lower at 91.07; a simple t test yielded an insignificant difference between the ROM/MMT practical scores of those students who received traditional and annotated feedback (t= 0.590, df= 54, p< 0.557). Table 4 provides an overview of the ROM/MMT survey results by group for each item on the survey as well as the practical as a whole. Table 4 Student Perceptions. Similar to the comments for the transfer sessions, there were positive, negative, and mixed reactions to the use of annotated feedback during the ROM/MMT labs, with more responses being mixed or negative. The positives associated with annotated feedback were that “it can be referenced multiple times” and “it was nice to watch along with the commentary to see what exactly I needed to work on”. One student found the annotated feedback to “help you remember why something being done was correct or incorrect”;
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