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Shannon C. Griffin March 30, 2009 Community Based Reintegration Introduction: Recidivism rates are very high and it is a serious problem that needs attention. Recidivism causes major problems in society, such as, prison overcrowding and crime overall. Community based reintegration is a program offered or required for an inmate getting ready to be released from prison. Through using community based reintegration, it lowers recidivism rates and educates those coming out of prison, which is a great crime prevention measure. The purpose of this research is to explain the benefits of community based reintegration. 1) Recidivism a) Problems with recidivism i. Each individual has his or her own motive for re-offending.…show more content…
263). x. Rational choice perspective - (Cornish & Clarke, 2006, p. 278). xi. Situational crime prevention – changing the offenders’ environment, goals, and interest. xii. With emphasis on desistance, we are looking at ways of possibly getting offenders to stop committing crime and why they started to commit crime to begin with. xiii. Working on support systems and rebuilding relationships. 3) The effectiveness of the programs g) Benefits of community based programs xiv. Without these programs or people there to support the offender, they are most likely going to re-offend. xv. This policy will put ex-offenders with better educations and work skills back into society. h) Areas where helping offenders xvi. The most important of the programs would be substance and alcohol treatment, anger management, and stress management. Dealing with biological factors is important. xvii. Learning how to read and write, if needed, and getting a general equivalency diploma. They will receive help with finding employment and help preparing them for the job. This program will also help them find housing which will reduce stress. Conclusion: For those who are ready to succeed when they are released, this policy will definitely help them. There are many opportunities for them if they are willing to help themselves and to take steps in the right
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