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Outline 1. Abstract All over America, there are people wandering the streets without a home. These individuals are seen as a crowd, a separate collective existence. They are called the homeless, as if that defines who they are, but we too often neglect to add the unspoken word in that title; people. It seems today that the more fortunate citizens of America who have a roof over their heads have forgotten their innate responsibility to watch over those in this world whom are incapable of caring for them-selves. The fact is, that there are millions of homeless in America today. Many of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to…show more content…
“...These youths have been shown to engage in similar strategies for meeting basic needs and to experience similar problems; drugs and alcohol abuse, poor physical health, victimization and societal alienation. Homeless youths are identified as those who spend extended periods of time without permanent or stable residences, often with little family contact. Youths who become immersed in 'street' culture comprise a homeless youth population highly susceptible to peer affiliation and acceptance. Emotionally distressed and unsupervised, homeless youths often seek supportive others and may quickly invest in new, but harmful, relationships in an attempt to be accepted and reduce feelings of isolation. Relationships with other street youths quickly become the primary source of social support.” Following are the factors affecting the critical issue of ‘homelessness’ around the globe. 1. Mass displacement due to war or natural calamity: This is a major reason for increasing homelessness around the globe especially in developing countries with less developed infrastructure and parallel support system. When such displacement occur the basic objective of people is to save their lives by hook or by crook. But sooner or later they need to fulfil their basic need of shelter, which might not be provided properly due to lack of resources in the country where

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