Annotating In 'Death Of A Salesman'

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Understanding and being fluent in a language does not give anyone the best skill in actually composing in that same language. English literature and composition have persistently been painful endeavors that have hurt my grades and confidence. I see myself as a much better reader and listener when it comes to the subject, and can consume books with enough enjoyment and devotion that understanding the reading is quite easy, to the point of actually wanting to reread a novel. As a writer, I have a sort of general image of how I feel my writing should look and sound like, and most of the time it isn't exactly what the paper or essay actually should be, yet that image influences my work too often. I have a decent understanding of most grammar and…show more content…
Annotating has really helped me collect my thoughts and prioritize my ideas when reading a book. It really helps when I enjoy a story, so books like Frankenstein or Gulliver’s Travels were easy and fun to read, but Death of a Salesman was a bit hard for me to read. The one thing that helps the most in grasping the ideas of a story, is the in-class discussions. Getting many different perspectives and thought processes allows for many other possibilities to be introduced to people. The problem with some group discussions, and one I occasionally have to deal with is the reluctance to talk. Discussion like that works because everybody has something different to bring to the conversation. I have trouble with confidence in my thoughts more often than I should, but I also struggle to remain open to other views when I am confident in an idea. The best course of action I can think of to avoid these situations is to make sure I listen more frequently than I talk. If I can listen to what other people have to say and visualize what they are saying and how it makes sense, then I can use their confidence to support my own, and figure out what my opinions and views actually
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