Annotation In The English Colonies

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3. The English Colonies
a. The focus this week will shift to the establishment of the thirteen British colonies along the Eastern seaboard of the Modern USA. The week’s unit will look at the social, political, and economic differences which led to varying forms of British colonization in the thirteen colonies.
b. The scope of this week will range from the founding of Jamestown in 1607 to the founding of Georgia in 1733.

- Annotation: The influence for this week’s class will be Jamestown, the Truth Revealed by William M. Kelso. This book provides a factual description of Jamestown in 1607 based on recent archaeological discoveries. As an archaeology minor, this book fascinates me and it shapes the way I teach the period. So, this book allows me to add material evidence to the lesson.

4. The American Revolution
a. After last week’s focus on English colonization, this week will use a thematic methodology to analyze the steps towards separation from Great Britain and the American Revolution.
b. Also, the week will feature an in depth comparison among the thirteen colonies to interpret how each colony experienced the revolution.

- Annotation: For this week’s class, I draw heavily upon 1776 by David McCullough. This book offers a compelling narrative on the Declaration of Independence, the battle of New York, and the Battle of Trenton. It is McCullough’s description of these events which influence my understanding of the revolution and impact the way in which it is taught in

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