Annotation Of Sahaja Yog Eustress And Distress

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Introduction: Hans Seyle had coined the word stress as –“the response of the body to any change.”According to his theory, there are two types of stress – Eustress and Distress. Eustress is the good type of stress that gives happiness or motivates a person to do better whereas Distress causes negative responses in the body and can cause anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lot of psychological disorders. Factors that cause stress are called stressors. During stressed condition, neurotransmitters like cortisols are secreted. This leads to an increase in the heart rate, sweat, and the body tries to protect by giving a ‘fight or flight’ response. If there are repeated conditions, then it fails to do so and breaks up in the form of manifestation of illnesses like Hypertension, Diabetes, anxiety disorders, insomnia, fatigue,…show more content…
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