Annual Cost Analysis Of All The Solar Candidates

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RECOMMENDATION This recommendation is based on the annual cost analysis of all the solar candidates. For the purposes of this comparison, any government incentives were not taken into consideration. As seen in Figure 2, all options depreciate to zero in about 20 years, so there is no salvage value to take into consideration. From comparing the three annual costs, Sun Power is the champion. Though it requires a few more panels than Solar World, the annual cost is the lowest among the three solar panel options. ALTERNATIVE 3 - WIND TURBINE ENERGY Wind Power is an environmentally conscious option for supplying electricity for the warehouse. The amount of power generated is dependent on the size of the turbine and the speed of the available winds. Having an open space with few obstructions makes Palm Springs, California the ideal location for construction of a facility which could utilize the benefits of wind power generation. The average wind speed for Palm Springs is 9 mph, with a low of 5 mph and a high of 16 mph. Figure 3 Wind Speed in Palm Springs Values generated for this project are based on the 9 mph average wind speed as seen in Figure 3 (Weather Spark Beta). Winds higher than the average with the same number of turbines needed to produce the annual 102,000 kilowatt hours will produce more electricity than the facility will be able to use. The excess could be sold back to the power company for additional income or the number of turbines being used

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