Annual Holiday Pay Essay

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Section 7.3: “Casual and part time employees, or employees who work less than a full year, shall receive 6% holiday pay over and above the ordinary hourly rate in lieu of annual holidays.” Section 7.4: “Employees who work on a Statutory Public Holiday shall be paid the overtime rate of time and a quarter and will also receive a day off in lieu.” Both of these rates of pay are less than the legally required minimum as stated under the Holidays Act 2003. • S23: Calculation of annual holiday pay if employment ends within 12 months (2) An employer must pay the employee 8% of the employee’s gross earnings since the commencement of the employment. • S50: Employer must pay employee at least time and a half for working on public holiday Section 19.2: “If both parties agree there is a case to answer, a meeting will be held to discuss and attempt to solve the matter.” The ERA S54 (3) (iii) states that a collective agreement must contain a “plain language explanation of the services available for the resolution of employment relationship problems, including a reference to the period of 90 days within which a personal grievance must be raised”. This agreement does highlight the 90 days necessity if bring a personal grievance against an employer but then merely says that once you have bought the grievance to the employers attention they will only discuss the matter with you if they decide there is a case. This is not providing a proper procedure to deal with workplace disputes.
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