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Victoria’s Secret Annual Marketing Plan Table of Content 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Situational Analysis and SWOT 4 2.1 Situational Analysis 4 2.2 SWOT 5 2.3 ANSORFF Product Market Matrix 8 3. Key Issues and New Opportunities 9 3.1 Key Issues 9 3.2 New Opportunities 9 4. Marketing Objectives 9 5. Basic Marketing Strategy 10 5.1 Research 10 5.2 Target Market Identification 10 5.3 Positioning Strategy 11 5.4 Marketing Mix 11 5.4.1 Products 11 5.4.2 Price 12 5.4.3 Place / Dsitribution 12 5.4.4 Promotion 12 6. Co-branding 13 7. Competitive Advantage 13 8. Action Plan 15 9. Controls 17 1. Executive Summary Victoria’s Secret is one of, if not the most popular women’s…show more content…
The primary investigation entailed: * In-Depth Interview were conducted with suppliers and potential users of the product * The different global regions were visited in the all the continents * Goals of the Interview * Awareness of Victoria’s Secret and Durex * Product Perceptions/Knowledge * 4 P’s of Marketing * Competitor Awareness * Survey * A survey was also designed to see if we could extract any insight into the consumer buying process, and identify behaviour drivers and any patterns. After receiving results of our online survey and reviewing the responses captured on the busy shopping street, we were pleased to discover interesting parallels from the feedback by participants to the other areas of research for the project including the secondary market research and marketing strategy. From these findings, a rationale was built which helped form a new target segment. This also helped both Victoria’s Secret and Durex to develop the company’s strategy and value proposition to move forward. The revenues from the co-branding initiative will drastically increase based on the analysis that was undertaken. Customers will remain loyal based on the innovation and quality of the product. The distribution and advertising of the brand was also further investigated as well as consumer confidence.

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