Annual Productivity Enhancement : Challenges And Resolutions Training Package

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• Annual Productivity Enhancement • Challenges and Resolutions Training Package • Introduction • Lifestyle Solutions is a not for profit organisation that assists with people with disabilities • Commenced in 2001 Lifestyle Solutions aims to provide disability support, education, accommodation and social inclusions for the intellectually disabled. • So, What is Dual Diagnosis? Broadly used dual diagnosis can said to be a person who experiences, simultaneously, two or more medical disorders. Moreover it is generally thought of as a person who has a form of addiction (predominantly drug addiction) and mental health disorder. • Dual Diagnosis (ACTIVITY) Please take a minute and click on the hyperlink below to watch the following short…show more content…
• The Pieces of the Puzzle • For a wider scope to productively reach target groups within the community that can be vulnerable to or experience an intellectual disability together with another cognitive instability and/or addiction amounting to suffrage of DD. • Though not exhaustive, to assist in assessment and knowledge in this field the following will be discussed as an initial guide • Dual Diagnosis of the Intellectually Disabled So why is it that an intellectually disabled person who experiences additional mental health issues and/or substance abuse are falling through the cracks? • Identifying the Issues • Most notably there is difficulties with identifying by the lack of knowledge and awareness. • As one who experiences an intellectual disability is seen to already have a lower intellect than the “norm” it is often seen that any mental health or substance abuse is apart of that lower intellect. • Although competing evidence shows that a person who is intellectually disabled is in fact 4-5 times more likely to experience dual diagnosis, the issues of treating coexisting elements are highly overlooked • Assessment • Some competing reasons for the increased likelihood of the intellectually disabled, which should be taken into account when assessing, is their vulnerability of: − Management of social capacity − Cognitive demands − Problem solving −
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