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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 Foster’s has unveiled a new brand identity For its iconic australian beer business We’re united by the bond only a beer can create and a belief that if a whole lot more people raised a beer in friendship, the world would be a better place. ABN 49 007 620 886 Foster’s GrouP limited FiNANCiAl report For the twelve moNth period eNded 30 juNe 2011 THE BEER COMPANY LOVED BY AUSTRALIANS As a beer company, we’re proud that we bring people together, in unguarded moments, where laughter and real words are shared. BUSINESS & SUSTAINABILITY REVIEW 2011 04 From the ChAirmAN ANd ChieF exeCutive oFFiCer 82 84 13 diSCoNtiNued operAtioNS 14 propertY, plANt ANd equipmeNt 08 09 10 the Next ChApter…show more content…
From continuing operations the Company generated $872.7 million of net operating cash flow prior to interest, tax and material items. we are confident the Company can maintain its strong cash flow in future years. 99.7% a new look and Feel As part of Foster’s commitment to reinvest in its brands and to emphasise beer’s historic position at the heart of Australian life, in july 2011 Foster’s relaunched its beer business as ‘Carlton united Brewers’. the new name and new brand identity – ‘raised in Friendship’ – reflect the importance of people to our business and our heritage. the changes are appropriate for a business with a renewed focus as a dedicated, worldclass brewer celebrating beer’s ability to bring people together. the feedback on this new identity from customers, trade partners and employees has been extremely positive. successFul conclusion to taX litiGation An important event for Foster’s in fiscal 2011 was the announcement on 9 may that the Company had successfully concluded its long-running Ashwick tax litigation. the case related to historic operations of Foster’s in the 1980s and 1990s. importantly, the resolution of Ashwick will result in a total cash benefit to shareholders of approximately $835 million (via a combination of the cash refunds and interest received, and receivable, from the Commissioner of taxation and reduced income tax payments in future years). returns to shareholders Foster’s declared
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