Annual Report Project

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Target Corp. is a well-known, nation-wide corporation that will soon been expanding internationally. Target’s goal is to provide exceptional quality merchandise and fresh foods for affordable prices. Their “Expect more. Pay less.” slogan goes far beyond just purchasing in store and online. Target provides exceptional service to their customers, whom they call “guests”, and provides benefits such as quarterly dividends to their stockholders. In the fiscal year, 2010, Target opened 13 new stores and of these new stores, 10 were in new locations. It is Target’s goal to create a convenient shopping experience across the U.S. In addition, Target Corp also supports strong corporate governance. Many of the corporate policies and practices that…show more content…
As of the fiscal year end (January 29, 2011), Target Corp had $6,843,000,000, of which $2,889,000,000 was funded by Target through the RED card. It is the goal of the corporation to collect a big percentage of this debt by the fiscal year ending January 29, 2012. Since 1947, Target Corporation has committed to donate 5% of its income to communities. Today, that totals about $3 million each week. Target and its guests, support “paving a path to graduation” by supporting K-12 education, reducing their environmental impact, inspiring all guests, employees and families to promote well-being, and operating safe stores that help the communities thrive. In 2010, Target Corp announced its commitment to education by declaring a donation of more than $500 million by the end of 2015, which will bring their total support of education to over $1 billion dollars. All of these factors have influenced the trends of Target Corps cash flows. Target Corp issues dividends to its shareholders quarterly. In 2010, Target declared dividends on February 20th, May 20th, August 20th, and November 20th. These dividends were paid on March 10th at $.17 per share, June 10th at $.17 per share, September 10th at $.25 per share and December 10th at $.25 per share. These were all cash dividends. Through disciplined execution company wide, Target increased its net earnings which allowed them to increase their earnings per share to stockholders by 47%. Target’s basic earnings per share are
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