Anorexia And The Effects Of The Media Affects Body Image

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The Media affects body image perceptions Anorexia and the effects the media has on body image. The Media affects body image perceptions for girls and boys. The media has affected many people and how they deal with it which could be very dangerous. “The average female fashion model weighs about 120 pounds mean while the national center for health statis tells us that the average American woman weighs about 169”.
Models are the biggest causes of eating disorders. “The unrealistic body image in the media distorts reality and leads people to believe they are abnormally heavy when they really aren't”. The models they have are about 100-120 pounds and their heights are 5’9 to 6’1 that is a very unhealthy weight for those heights. Models very much affect the way we look at ourselves. A teenage girl see’s a sicky thin model and thinks that is beauty. Models aren’t the only ones who affect how we feel about ourselves. “Barbie-type dolls have often been blamed on playing a role in the development of the body-image problems and eating disorders”. Barbie is a tall, hourglass figure doll. When little girl’s get older they think that’s how they should look. “Not only do these dolls have fictionally proportioned, small body sizes, but they lean towards escalating the belief that materialistic possessions beauty and thinness” Barbie is a good way for little minds to play imaginary. But are horrible for body image. Barbie’s body is very unrealistic. Barbies are good toy’s but not good for
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