Anorexia Body Image

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The body image and self-comparison is getting stronger every day. The media and other social Medias are some of the causes of anorexia and other eating disorders that are caused by the images seen in the media. The media bombard us with images of being thin, how to lose weight fast and thin model on magazines and others beauty products even in toys. And this leaves us thinking that in order to be beautiful we need to be thin. The media plays a big role on teenager lives and on how they think. There are more and more commercial and product that promises you to lose weight. Most companies target women using social comparison in order for them to buy the product in order to get to the ideal look. Some of the people also attribute the negative…show more content…
The beauty standards are changing with the time back in the time the women with curves used to be the ideals of the beauty. Now in these days to be beauty you have to be skinny and the media goes along with it now the magazines are full with images of skinny models and methods to lose weight and get to the ideal size zero. With the obsession to be thin many young girls are putting their lives on danger with extreme diets or they just stop eating or inducing vomiting. And this are the causes of low self –steam, the feeling of not being good enough is often caused by the images seen in the media. And they realize that they don’t look nothing like them. (Source card 2) the beauty standards are so UNREALISTIC that some of the models that are advertising them don’t obtain them (Photoshop). The celebrities are the ones that put the beauty standards of beauty and the teens around the world follow these standards. Now these days the advertising of beauty has been increasing and is part of our society more than back in those days. Some of these beauty standards cause both women and men with low self-steam, bullying, or even psychological disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. (Source card…show more content…
With constantly new program to exercise, diets, size zero models, all of these thing are the reason on self-comparison and the reason of why the teens want to look like them. (Source card 5) “How can people shame those with the disease, when this is what our models look like”… (Direct quote) the drastic changes of beauty ideals have been changing with the time. From idolized voluptuous bodies, to a glorified a gap between the thighs, the difference could not be more substantial. And the new beauty standards are going to keep changing throughout the
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