Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Introduction Anorexia nervosa is a psychological disorder in which a person has an abnormal eating behavior, to be able to lose weight. The word anorexia nervosa was first used in 1873, by one of Queen Victoria’s physicians known as Sir William Gull. There are two types of anorexia which are the restricting type and the binge-purge type. According to the medical term, this disorder is said to be lack of appetite (Kaye, 2009, p.450). A person who is suffering from anorexia has a fear of gaining weight. This prompts them to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Anorexia is mostly experienced among girls and some men. In general, adolescent girls usually look at their figure more and that is why they are the ones who are mostly affected. By …show more content…
Anorexia can also be prevented by doctors, they can educate the public about this disorder and how to avoid it. Anorexia has many signs and symptoms which could be identified and treated.
History of anorexia Anorexia might have begun during the Hellenistic era when religious fasting was introduced to the people. Some of the well known historical figure women, who are believed to also have had this disorder are Mary queen of Scots and Catherine of Siena. Fasting was first practiced for religious purposes by women to maintain their purity. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church was the one that experienced many women starving themselves so that they can be claimed saints. In the case of Catherine Siena in the 14th century, the church began to worry over her extreme starvation. This made the church ask her to pray to God so that she would be able to eat again. In 1689, anorexia was first used medically by the physician Richard Morton. One of the patients of Richard who had this disorder was an 18 year old girl who died 3 months later from starvation (Friedman, 1984, p.702). One of the first male patients was Noah Webster who was a student at Yale College. His reason for not eating was because he thought that by eating his mind would be dulled. In the 19th century, is when anorexia was proclaimed as a medical condition. William Gull published a paper which detailed about the disorder and how it should be treated. In the 20th

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