Anorexia Nervosa Summary

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Botha (2014) conducted a research on diagnosing men with anorexia nervosa (AN) and how difficult it can be for men to accept that they have an eating disorder. The research consisted of going back to hegemonic masculinity (men’s dominance and social power over women) in order to understand men’s expectations in society. The information collected was utterly broad although others were surprisingly intriguing. The first major point was that men`s hegemonic masculinity derives from what people believe that “true” or “real” masculinity is creating pressure for men to abide these expectations. Secondly, it is discussed that some researchers believe AN cannot exist in men because it has been conceptualized as a female phenomenon and therefore men…show more content…
There wasn’t much attention given to the body mass index (BMI) of men due to the fact that men have a lower BMI than women, therefore, more studies should be encouraged to see if there is a connection between males and females BMI. Sabel et al (2014) cites that “their BMI at the time of admission is lower than published in any other recent series of males with AN.” In summary, this reading would not be appropriate for an Introduction to Psychology class due to the fact that most medical terms mentioned would not be recognized by a student in an introduction to Psychology class but quite possibly would be recognized by an advanced or higher class. However, this research could be used by anyone who has already received a degree in any medical…show more content…
The study showed that most men diagnosed with AN were not aware they had a problem but believed it was only a problem for women. The study also showed that men didn’t notice they had a problem until they noticed the symptoms continued for months or years. Moreover, the study also showed that some men were aware they had a problem but feared they would not be taken seriously, or had a fear of the treatment, or had a fear of being judged. This article was very straightforward to read and was less
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