Anorexia: Role of Media

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Anorexia: Role of Media Anorexia is an eating disorder and a mental condition that can be life threatening if not well managed. People suffering from this condition have several common characteristics that includes trying to reduce weight even when they do not weigh much, they suffer from their body image due to low self-esteem thinking they are overweight when they are not, and most of them have been found to exercise a lot with the intension of losing weight. The individuals suffering from anorexia tend to more often hide their eating behavior to their family and friends by lying about what they eat. This condition is believed to be a combination of both internal and external conflicts in their life (Spettigue & Henderson, 2004). Like…show more content…
Excellent self-esteem sense will help in solving the many underlying in the lives of such people who sometimes go to the extent of developing a strong feeling of rejection that may result to suicide. With the current trends where thin men and women are portrayed as beautiful, sexy, successful, models, and impressive while the overweight as lazy, ugly or careless our children will be misguided and may lead some of them who are overweight to feeling out of place and rejected (Bonnie, 2000). Mass media act as the mediating factor between people and their bodies. They come up with diets analysis that are ideal and unrealistic in the practical sense. Most of the affected people normally try these ideal programs ending up with a disillusioned expectations, rendering them prone to unnatural ways like cosmetic surgery to achieve a desired body form and appearance. Media does not only glorify the slender appearance but also emphasize on the importance of such complexion and body shape. This has made women and girls prisoners of ideal beauty and appearance (Spettigue & Henderson, 2004). There is plenty of evidence on the impact media has created stereotypes and their relationship with anorexia. However, many scholar and professionals are conducting research on risk factors that leads to vulnerability to negative media influence. In conclusion, media surrounds us with a negative impression for weight gain. With various advertisement that praises thin and slender ladies
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