Anorexic Case Studies

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Five months prior to residential treatment, Jessica began to explore restrictive food habits, and the occasional purging episode due to self-described anxiety and nervousness. The client lost approximately eleven to fourteen pounds over a four week period by consumption of solely vitamin water. At root cause of restricted food intake and lack electrolyte absorption, anorexics are prone to intense fatigue (Makin, 2000). In defense of the metabolic factors, Jessica drank large amounts of vitamin water to maintain stamina throughout her eating disorder. As a result of GAD, the client has been homeschool for the past three years in efforts to avoid social activity and peer interaction. Jessica is the third eldest of four female siblings. At the age of six, the client witnessed domestic violence upon the biological mother caused by biological father. The parents are since divorced, and the mother has invited her boyfriend and their…show more content…
Within the therapeutic space a client can freely explore boundaries and their dynamic between themselves and the contributing factors to the illness. Quite often, anorexics sense of control can become challenged as a result of fear for losing control of over emotions, the therapist, or art materials (Makin, 2000). In reference to these concerns, art therapists can journey alongside clients in an equal partnership to help sublimate these anxieties and defenses into the artwork. Theoretically, this will allow clients to safely lean into their rigid fortress of control, and cultivate a new artistic skill. Furthermore, the symbolic use of art materials can remove a client’s focus from their eating disorder, and direct it towards liberation of their contained emotions and unconscious struggles (Makin, 2000). Additionally, with proper guidance and a equal therapeutic alliance, the client can process and redefine personal relationships with family and
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