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Annotated Bibliography Working Thesis: Organ Donors should be able to have the right to choose if their organs after death will be donated to another without any complications even if they die of brain death or euthanasia, inside or outside a medical facility, as well as laws should be put in place or an alternative method stating that their wishes no matter what the family thinks, due to ethical or moral issues, should be honored.

Organs are going to waste every year because not enough people are donating their organs. Many people choose to donate but their family members decide not to let them donate after they pass away due to the situation they are in. Different cultures agree that organ transplantation is a good act of
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This article is different from the others because it gives the families perspective behind transplantation. The article is credible because there is a lot of legal information in it as well as many legal terms.

3. Bresnahan, M., & Mahler, K. (2010). Ethical debate over organ donation in the context of brain death. Bioethics, 24(2), 54-60. 21 February 2013. Retrieved from

Summary: the main purpose of this article is to inform people of the ethical issues in different religions and how they are not very different among them. Ethical issues come into play when they are taking organs from people who die due to brain death and are still in a vegetative state. We don’t actually know if they are dead in that situation. This article provides ethical issues related to why so many different cultures won’t donate the organs when their loved ones are on life support because of brain death.

Evaluation: this article can be useful because it provides me with a more balanced argument. I can give the points of ethics where they do want to donate but also when they refuse to donate. This is different from other articles because it shows the opposite side of the argument. This article seems credible but at first it did not when Google was mentioned. The article was actually stating Google to point out that Google isn’t a reliable source. This article gives relative facts of ethics and uses many different
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