Anoter Way Of Intelligence

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People can be intelligent in many different ways.people can be intraperonally intelligent.people can be interpersonally intelligent. People can be liuisticly intelligent. Even I have muical bodily kinestic , and linusric intelligence .

One way of intelligence is intrpersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal is when you are able to understand yourself and what u want and feel. In the story blue nines and red words. Daniel tammath puts the way he feels in numbers and colors. That’s one way of intelligence.

Anoter way of intelligence is interpersonal intelligence. Intrpersonal is when somone is able to to understand others feelings without asking. In the story flowers for Algernon, charlir is able to guess how people are feeling the more and more he gets intelligent. Thats another way of intelligence.
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Lingustic is when you are able to put what you are feeling into words anyone can understand. In the story, blue nines and red words, Daniel is easily able to express what he feels with words colors and numbers. That’s another way of intelegence .

The three ways of intelligence. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and lingusitc. The stories blue nines and red words and flowers for Algernon are all examples of the
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