Another Beautiful Day Interrupted

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The sun is a bright yellow surrounded with a blue sky, filled with clouds. The sand is stretched alongside I and cooper; white and clear. Only my foot prints and coopers paw prints left behind. The sand is very soft. My feet and coopers paws sink into it with every step. The salty ocean air burns our noses. The waves sparkle and glitter from the sun beaming down on it. The ocean is a dark blue color with white caps as far as we can see. The waves our small. “Go get it Copper!” I yell throwing the stick into the the ocean. Cooper is a Labrador,he's been part of the family for 7 years now. Cooper catches my eyes , he's holding something that is shiny. I can't tell what it is with the sun in my eyes. It's most likely a can he's been bringing them back to shore lately. “Come on boy!” I yell out to him, trying to encourage him to swim faster. I can now see what Cooper is holding , I was right it's a can. For some reason I’m curious to find out whats in the can. As he's a few feet away from shore, I run to the edge of the water, the wind is blowing water across my ankles. “Which you got Cooper?” I ask him as he looses grip of the can, letting it fall on the sand. Coopers barking as I pick up the can. The cans label reads “ Del Monte Whole Kernel Corn”. I straggle to open the can led “It's sealed shut Cooper we have to wait until we get home to open it.” Water is dripping of…
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