Another Country By James Baldwin

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Another Country is a fiction book written by James Baldwin in 1962. James Baldwin was an essayist, playwright, and novelist with many popular writings. He is an iconic African American for his writings during the Civil Rights era in the United States focusing on racial and social issues. In Another Country, Baldwin’s characters go through interracial, homosexual, bisexual, and violent relationships. The main character, Rufus Scott, is an African American jazz drummer that commits suicide after the pressures of exploring his sexuality and race. He realizes he feels racial and masculine power when he has sexual encounters with white people due to the Civil Right era where as a black man he has no power. His friends and sister throughout the book feel guilty and try to unveil the reasons Rufus committed suicide, causing them themselves to explore their sexuality and identifying themselves within their race. As Rufus’s character grows throughout the beginning he explains his sentiments of being a Black man in the United States during time of slow transition between black and white people. When he begins his relationship with a white southern divorced woman, Leona, Rufus begins to beat her and when Vivaldo, his closest white friend, confronts him he begins to act like he doesn’t care and is in his house where he has the power, not them, who are white (55). Rufus begins to show how having white people in his life gives him the satisfaction of having some power over them being…

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