Another Fact Is That The Death Penalty Is Not A Deterrent.Reports

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Another fact is that the death penalty is not a deterrent. Reports have shown in 2008, the 14 states that did not have active capital punishment had surprisingly low homicide rates. They were actually at or below the national homicide rate. So, there is no documentation or proof that having capital punishment deters criminal acts of violence. In fact, in 2009, a survey showed that over 88% believed that the death penalty was not a deterrent for heinous criminal acts. Thomas Sowell, a columnist at the Hoover Institution couldn’t have made a deterrence case any better when he said “We know that the death penalty deters those who are executed. The fact this this is obvious does not make it any less important. It is certainly not less…show more content…
There were many studies that were done in May 2012 that show in some states there was a significant cost up to $232 million per year for someone to remain on death row. Someone not on death row, only a life sentence, costs an average of $11.5 million per year. The largest cost is associated before the trial begins and during the trial. Even if all appeals were banned and extinguished, the death penalty would still cost a whole lot more than any of the other alternative sentences. If a prosecutor seeks the death sentence, they have to go through two phases of conviction – conviction phase first, then a sentencing phase. And then each trial usually has some special motions and then has to allow for extra time for the jury selection process. More costs are involved with the investigative side when the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. When there is any other verdict other than death, then there are usually a lot more costs involved for a retrial, and in turn, the sentence usually ends up as life in prison. Spending the amount of money on the death penalty system just means other resources are being reduced, such as methods of crime prevention, treatments for the mentally ill, rehabilitation services, and drug addiction treatment programs. It also takes away from the

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