Another Gray Area in Healthcare:

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Another Gray Area in Healthcare:
Ethics and the Law how they effect their decisions
Toni M. Cunningham
HCA 322: Health Care Ethics and Medical Law
Professor West
January 2, 2009

Ethical and legal concepts, including specific federal regulations, required of healthcare organizations to ensure the delivery of high quality healthcare that protects patient safety

Imagine this, you are fertility doctor who in the past had helped a twenty-six year old, single woman to have six babies; and now at the age of thirty-three years old that same single woman whose children are now between the ages of two and seven walks into your office and says “I am ready for my next baby”, (her last six embryos are in your possession). What would you
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82, NO. 3, SEPTEMBR (2004), the welfare of the child is one that doctors should always taken into to consideration, can the patient create a stable environment, does the patient have the means to take care of the child or children financially? If not should the doctor be able to make all of us responsible for this child? Due to the fact that the mother doesn’t have an income is going to place the needs of all fourteen children plus mom on the taxpayer; making all the death threats and angry comments on her website understandable. We all know that violence is never right; nevertheless the public anger is coming from their concern for these children and for their own pocket.

Pozgar and Santucci in their book titled Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals covers artificial insemination, test tube babies and sterilization but no where did they dare to touch the in vitro process, I reviewed several books regarding the law and ethics in healthcare and none of the authors really ventured to give an opinion which led me straight to the ethics committee of the reproduction where we could obtain this information in its entirety. Not taking anything away from the other authors, there is not a lot of information available because of so many new procedures being introduced. The one thing that was consistent was the bill of patient’s
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