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Another List The breath Alice inhaled was shallow and shaky. The exhale was worse; a harsh wheeze with a cough following behind it. Anyone could tell she was sick. If not in the way she breathed, then the way she looked told the story just as well. Sunken eyes, hollowed cheeks, thinning hair; Alice looked like death herself. Whatever deity above was greedily sucking away her life and it showed even through her clothes. Though her physical vibrancy was fading quickly, Alice kept her head up. She pushed through her discomfort and was finishing her bucket list. Finally. Alice watched the waves crash onto the open, cream sanded beach. The ocean undulated gently, swelling into midnight hills of saltwater before dispelling the cold water onto…show more content…
The temperature wasn’t much warmer then. Janine led Alice over to a bench to sit, untying her sneakers and taking off her socks. Alice looked away as her friend helped her get ready. Inhaling deeply, needing the cold, crisp March air in her struggling lungs. She could almost taste the nearby ocean. Janine smiled after she pulled Alice to her feet, “Alright. Ready for this?” Alice looked up into her friend’s chocolate eyes and shook her head. Janine frowned and gently grabbed Alice’s hand, sitting back down together. Neither spoke right away. They just listened to crashing waves and the broken calls of the overhead gulls. Janine squeezed her friend's hand in reassurance, just to let her know that she had her. It was just what Alice needed to get talking. “What am I supposed to do after I finish this list?” Janine bit her lip, searching her brain for an answer. One that would calm the coming storm. “Just sit here and die slowly,” Alice questioned no one in particular incredulously. “The only reason I’ve been strong thus far is because I had things to push for. Things to live for!” Janine squeezed her hand again, “We make another list. Big things, trivial things, impossible things. Whatever you want Alli.” “I don’t want to make another list, Nina. I wanna live.” Her friend sighed, rubbing her fingers across Alice’s boney knuckles, “And you will Alice. But first, before we think about the future, let’s put our feet in this ridiculously cold beach and possibly get frostbite.
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