Anova Airlines Analysis And Recommendation

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Working on the project on “Anova Airlines-Analysis and Recommendation” was a source of immense knowledge to me. As this time of preparing the Anova Air: Analysis and Recommendation I have gone using the materials we learned during the whole semester, I am focusing on the important information to understand the topic of the subject. I acknowledge with gratitude to Professor Garen Evans who has been helpful making everyone understand the materials and providing guidelines for the project. I have gather information from the data provided and use relevant materials that we learned throughout the semester. Using the materials, I learned helped me find evidence to support my subject and how I can applied what I learned to through my project. INTRODUCTION According to Evans Research, Anova Airlines (AVO) is small privately held passenger airline based out of New Orleans (MSY) in Louisiana. The airline uses a hub-and-spoke system which includes a schedule service to Jacksonville, Florida, (JAX); Portland, Oregon (PDX); and Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS). The airline recently added passenger service between LAS-PDX and LAS-JAX. The Anova management recognizes that some of the routes are profitable, and their chief is concerned about increasing the overall profitable while providing safe and comfortable service for the passenger. So, Anova Airlines contracted with Evans Research to conduct an exploratory statistical analysis. In this report, the Anova Airlines: Analysis and
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