Ansel Adams Biography Essay

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Ansel Adams
He was born Ansel Easton Adams in the city of San Francisco in the winter of 1902 (American Experience). His family was well off at the beginning of his childhood, and then things took the turn for the worst 1907. Along with other families at the time, their fortune in timber that his grandfather had started collapsed. This left Ansel’s father in a lot of financial difficulties. His mother unfortunately fell into depression during these hard times as well and never fully recovered. This then made the house very stressful and hard especially for a boy as young as him.
At twelve years old Ansel began to play the piano and was able to pick up the talent very quickly. He then began to take lessons which started his years of musical
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He was criticized for his work during the Great Depression. At the time photography was being used to depict what was going on in the world. However, Ansel continued to photograph beautiful scenery and landscapes. The social issues that he wanted to document were the environment, which became one of the greatest social human issues of the twentieth century. Though Ansel was active in politics and what was going on, he used his photography to express how he felt and have a purpose. He wanted people to understand, that the world exits within this larger world. In 1936 he wanted to become an activist, but with his art of photography. He decided to join and be on the board of directors of the Sierra Club (American…show more content…
It could be interpreted in many different ways. However, Ansel says it was his own prepared mind that allowed him to so successfully realize his artistic vision. I believe because photography is about balance and control but also about being spontaneous. Adam’s said this statement when he was trying to take a photo and couldn’t get it off in time. He didn’t give up, he ended up taking the photo in one shot. It’s about staying on the positive sides of things and doing your best. Yet sometimes things are out of your control, however if you did everything you could; things always seem to work
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