Ansel Adams Essay

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Ansel Easton Adams, born in 1902 in San Francisco, USA, to Charles and Olive Adams. At the age of twelve, it was obvious that school is not the place for Ansel, the confinement imposed by the classroom and teachers, was a lot more than he could stand, you can say that it was above his threshold. This caused him to deliberately burst in laughter repeatedly in the classroom in an attempt to perhaps undermine the authority that teachers have in the classroom. The repetition of these bursts of laughter and “the undisguised contempt for the inept ramblings of his teachers”, as one biographer put it, caused the end of his formal education years. The next best thing in such situations is home-schooling, and this was exactly what was ahead for …show more content…
A great influence on Ansel’s choice was Paul Strand, a brilliant photographer, and by then a new friend of Ansel. The wonderful work of Strand had a decisive effect on Ansel’s choice of careers; he was to become a professional photographer. a short wile after, he joined many other brilliant photographers, the likes of Edward Weston, Jon Paul Edwards, Willard Van Dyke and man others to form the “f/64”, a group dedicated to photography that looks like photography, not like an imitation of another art form.
This group embodies the concepts of Ansel Adams, and this is what was so distinctive about his work. The realization of photographic vision through technically flawless prints was an approach that Ansel took in photography. But this did not stop experimentation that led him to the use of several large-formats and miniature cameras. to shed some light on the work of Adams, I should point out that he was deeply effected by the nature, especially by the Yosemite valley, and the four hundred mile long mountain range, called Sierra Nevada, where he kept coming back every summer, where he practiced climbing or just took long trips in which a great deal of photography was involved. During these summers, he developed an interest in conservation and was dedicated to record the splendid beauty of these valleys and mountain ranges. So the prominent factor in Ansel’s work was his love of nature, and the
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