Ansel Adams : The Most Important Landscape Photographer Of The Twentieth Century

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Ansel Adams was born in 1902 in San Francisco, California. He is considered the most important landscape photographer of the twentieth century. His artwork has increased in popularity ever since his death. Adams devoted his work to the country’s untouched fragments of wilderness, such as national parks and other protected areas in the American west. Adams was also very involved in the conservation movement. In 1906, an aftershock from one of the largest earthquakes to ever hit San Francisco Ansel was thrown to the floor and broke his nose. His father was a successful businessman that owned an insurance agency and a chemical factory. Ansel was self-conscious about his nose, just as any young child would be. As a young boy, Ansel enjoyed the outdoors and taking many long walks and exploring. Early on, it was easy to tell that Ansel was having problems at school. “In 1911, Ansel was finally enrolled in the neighborhood Rochambeau School. Whenever he had to sit in the classroom, he would fidget, yearning to be set loose in the wonderful outdoors” (Alinder, 11). School just didn’t seem to be working for Ansel. After leaving Rochambeau, Ansel went to a few private schools. “Ansel was eventually asked to leave due to his inattention and misbehavior” (Alinder, 12). Ansel became extremely upset. To give him something to do with his time, he started a neighborhood newspaper called the West Clay Park Snooper. At the age of twelve, he started playing the piano. Ansel happened to be

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