Ansel Adams 's Influence On The Performance Of A Musical Score

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Ansel Adams was born February 1902 and died in April 1984. His life began in San Francisco, California. Growing up Adams was quite creative, such as teaching himself the piano, according to Lamar (1998, p.3), “Adams became a serious pianist as a child. Later, he would argue for the connections between music and photography, calling attention to the importance of tonal gradations and likening the printing of a negative to the performance of a musical score”.
In 1916 his passion for photography began after a trip to Yosemite National Park. Adams personality was described as hyperactive, and he also had difficulty reading. Due to Adams struggle in school, his father and aunt began tutoring him, however he never earned a high school diploma. After visiting
Adams creativity expanded beyond anything that could be taught in an educational way, with Grzymkowski stating that “Adams’s studies veered into the world of music at age twelve, when he taught himself to read music and play piano. By the age of eighteen, he was an apt pianist with every intention of pursuing music as a career. The science and precision of his musical craft later influenced his photography” (Grzymkowski 2013, p.101).
With the assistance of photography magazines, attending camera club meetings, learning darkroom techniques and visiting photography as well as art exhibits, these all became contributing factors to Adams eventually selling his early photographs.
His breakthrough as a photographer was due to his…
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