Ansoff Matrix Model Of Ryanair

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Executive Summary
Ryanair is an Irish airlines company set up by the Ryan family in 1985 with a share capital of just £1 and only 25 members of staff. Its first route was launched in July 1985 from Waterford in the southeast of Ireland to London Gatwick. The expansion of the company started in 1986, when the company obtained the permission to compete with the duopoly British Airways and Aer Lingus. For many years up to 1990, the financial performance of the company which was negative, dramatically changed with the appointing of the new Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary. The new management vision was to restructure the company based on the Southwest Airlines prototype business model with a culture of low-cost / low fare. Thanks to the European Union deregulation air transport in …, the company opened new routes and bases, increase its market share and became the first airline in Europe to carry over 100 Million international customers in a calendar year (Ryanair,2016) due to its low cost competitive advantage. The purpose of this report is to comment at the first part how Ryanair achieve its competitive advantage through the RBV analysis (Barney,1991), the second part will assess its approach to the diversification through the Ansoff matrix , the third part will discuss the company’s organisational culture using the cultural web modeland last part its internationalization strategy.
1. Introduction
Through the Ryanair’s case study (Eleanor O’Higgins), the aim of this
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