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Strengths | Weaknesses | Fast decision making | Negative image of the Middle East | Oil money, booming economy | Barren desert, the lack of natural resources | Political neutrality and impartiality | Only 20% of UAE nationals | Unique beauty, hotels and attractions | The lack of fundamental infrastructure: transportation, water | Luxury experience includes relaxing beaches and invigorating sport and exploration opportunities | Luxuries might appeal too small a segment | Safe environment | | | | Opportunities | Threats | Increasing oil price | Strong competitors: within the region: Abu Dhabi, Qatar; outside of region: Singapore, Hong Kong | Increase job opportunities for immigrants…show more content…
ADCCI provides a wide range of services, such as setting up the Sheikh Khalifa Fund to provide technical and financial support for small-medium enterprises set up by the youth, they also organize trade fairs, sending delegations abroad to promote Abu Dhabi as a commercial center and initiating training programs that train nationals to join the private sector. The strong banking system increases presence of venture capital and government funding provide substantial financial resources to foreign and local entrepreneurs. The most crucial factor is raising capital for a new foreign entrepreneur is to establish good relationships with local guarantors or other established foreign entrepreneurs. The best thing to do here is to get a network of contacts essential for successful business in the system Political risk factors Four types of political risk factors must be examined in assessing the climate for investment in any given country. They are: 1. Regime change: A change in key government personnel through normal electoral or authorized political processes, or through illegal means. 2. Political turmoil: General levels of politically inspired violence, including violent strikes, guerrilla action, or civil war 3. Government policy: Decisions with respect to fiscal and monetary policies, trade

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