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soff MatMarket Penetration: -The signature product that made Apple, Apple, was the Macintosh. It first had a famous Television Advertisement in the US in 1984 introducing its signature product the Macintosh. This was led by Anya Major who was chased by agents of Thought Police, threw a sledgehammer into the screen of big brother David Graham. At the end, it says, “Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” This screen of big brother David Graham supposedly represented IBM, but the production crew says that it is not exactly the case. This could be a really good ad because it's a very catchy commercial, and these people were famous at this time. This would attract people to buy this product because…show more content…
Apple still prevails to be really creative in terms of diversifying by adding new products into the market. Expect them to release again a new one soon, which will be a hit because they've already established their name. Apple still continues to have ways in growing their company. Once upon a time this was small time, but now it is the most valuable company in the world. Sometimes people even use the word Apple or Mac for a computer. This just comes to show that Apple has really gone to another level, shaping people's minds of what an ideal computer should be. Their ways of operations, advertising, and growing have been really effective throughout the years. I would suggest that they put up more Apple stores, because Apple products are very much in demand in the Philippines. It's expensive to build an Apple store, but they will break-even with time. especially the colonial mentality of the Filipinos which they buy all foreign products, I believe that an Apple store in the Philippines will be a really successful venture. Sources: All accessed on 10/14/2012

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