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PART FIVE: READINGS FOR WRITERS Note: Suggested answers are provided here for the comprehension questions and the discussion questions that follow each of the seventeen reading selections. Numbers of relevant paragraphs from the selection follow reading comprehension answers and are shown in parentheses in the discussion answers. Suggested Answers for “Three Passions”—Bertrand Russell Note: The numbers in parentheses refer to relevant paragraphs in the selection. Reading Comprehension Questions 1. d 2. a 3. d Answer a is too narrow; answer b is unsupported; answer c is too broad. 4. a Paragraph 1 5. b. Paragraph 2 6. False Paragraph 3 7. c 8. d…show more content…
One possibility: She could have merely thanked Gregory in class and then spoken to him privately later if she doubted that he could contribute to Community Chest. 3. From paragraph 3, in which Gregory talks about his accomplishments later in life, we can conclude that he learned he could boost his self-esteem through his own efforts. Paragraph 5 shows that from his own experiences, he learned that children who are hungry and poor may feel invisible and so behave in ways that attract attention. From his experience with the wino, he learned that in order to feel good about himself, he would have to start standing up for other people who were shamed. 4. Gregory probably had many reasons for not helping the wino sooner: embarrassment at drawing attention to himself, reluctance to part with his hard-earned money, not wanting to get in trouble with Mr. Williams, not knowing the wino and thus feeling the affair wasn’t his business, etc. People have similar reasons for not helping others in need. In addition, people who ignore a homeless man may feel that the man’s problems—maybe including substance abuse or mental illness—are so big and deep-rooted that they are not qualified to help him in any effective way. Thesis-and-Support Outline Thesis: Living poor was, for the author, a humiliating experience. 1. He was embarrassed in front of his classmates and, worse, in front of Helene Tucker (7-23). 2. Everybody knew he
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