Answers to Questions on Business Ethics

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ONE The court's response would likely center on the concept of reasonableness. Was it reasonable to assume that young people would use a product that was attractive for its general street usage as if it were not? And would it be reasonable for all occupants of the bike to follow the instructions as intended? The law basically assumes that if someone gets hurt when using a product of this nature properly then the makers or sellers can be potentially held responsible. It would seem that in this case the companies should have anticipated the street use of the vehicle, but that may not mean that they are responsible for the accident. It would seem to depend entirely on the details of the circumstances. It could be that the courts would find that the precautions of that nature were just legal cover and therefore find the companies at least partially at fault. ( THREE As the case is stated, the judge would most likely have awarded a default judgment that covered any actual costs, a compensatory award and legal costs. It appears that proper procedures were followed, including adequate notice and the defendant opted not to show. That should not be held against the plaintiff. There is no indication that the defendant's actions were backed by legal considerations, which means they were likely unnecessary delays just to avoid responsibility. If any overriding issue of legal concern existed, the judge could make the ruling with the

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