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Every culture has their own way of life, their own religious beliefs, their own marriage beliefs, their own values and feelings on life and the options it has to offer. Each culture has their own way to run things within their own government, and own way to keep their economy up to their standards. Also each culture and society have their own primary mode of subsistence that makes them unique. Among the Navajo culture their primary mode of subsistence are pastoralists. Pastoralists have an impact on different aspects with in the culture. The aspects that I will be discussing will be the Navajo’s beliefs and values, economic organization, gender relations and sickness and healing. The Navajo are the largest federally recognized…show more content…
The unemployment rate is at 43% and the annual income is $5,759 according to the Navajo Division of Economic Development. What are the different gender relations within the Navajo tribe? The Navajo people have different marriage traditions, customs, and labor within the male and female people of the tribe. The Navajo people lives by a matrilineal system. This is where women own livestock and land. Once married, a Navajo man would move to live with his bride in her home, along with her mother, and his wife’s clan. Daughters or if there were no daughters, other closely related females are traditionally the ones who received the inheritance of their property. The property could be that of a dwelling, or livestock. The children are "born to" and belong to the mother's clan, and are "born for" the father's clan. The clan system is exogamous. This means that the people must date and marry people who are outside of their own clans. The great majority of Marriages were always monogamous, but polygyny was permitted until recently, and it is estimated that about 10 percent of Navajo men had two or more wives. Residence for newly married couples was ideally uxorilocal, (meaning to reside with a wife's kin). It was also fairly common for couples to move from the wife's family or tribe to the husband's, at some time after their marriage. Both marriage and divorce involve very little formality, and the rate of divorce is fairly high. But the great majority of

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